Our Crematory

We understand that those who choose cremation might have doubts about the process and procedures of cremation. Our experienced professionals handle each cremation with care and dignity, while adhering to the highest standards. To assure your loved one is being cared for appropriately, we have developed a very rigorous set of operating policies and procedures in order to maximize our level of service and minimize the potential for human error.

As members of the Cremation Association of North America, our staff receives certifications necessary to perform cremations. We strictly adhere to a Cremation Code of Ethics, an assurance to you of our commitment to dignity and honesty.

We cremate only one person at a time. It takes more effort to ensure that the cremation is handled with care, dignity, and high standards. To assure your loved one is being cared for appropriately, we adhere to a rigid pre-cremation checklist and involve two staff members in every cremation process.

With our own on-site crematory, your loved one never leaves our care. From the moment your loved one is taken in to our care until the cremation is completed, you can be sure the cremated remains returned to you are those of your loved one. We also offer a special viewing area located within our crematory to facilitate those who wish to be present for the start of the cremation process.

Our crematory is available for your personal inspection during normal business hours. We encourage you to visit and to ask questions that you may have regarding the cremation process and the services that we offer. Please call us to schedule a visit or to tour the facility at (757) 583-0177.

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